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After the D-Class personnel finished it, SCP-2521 appeared in the room and showed fondness at the images. It then took away the texture file of it. Scared, the D-Class personnel had to agree to let it do so, and SCP-2521 left, leaving the D-Class personnel terrified. The second experiment was made under the same circumstances.

Scp-2317 is an object, apollyon-class is to known be cause unavoidable. Listen to the SCP Archives Episode - SCP-2317: "A Door to... Img This dimension an is endless. SCP-000. Object Class: Apollyon. The nature of SCP-000 must be contained within its barriers. All MTF units have been called out. A field agent had been reported KIA. The chance of a secondary space time rift is under heavy debate. All residents that exit the town must be administered Class A amnestics. Locals must be detained if they ever set Object Class: Apollyon By TheTrusJustice203 X!Event by Jael Pe page: [1]X!Gaster 1 Containment Procedures: 2 Description: 3 Known Abilities: 3.1 Scp-001-2a and Scp-001-2b 3.2 Scp-001-3 4 Interactions with other Scps: 4.1 Scp-001-2a and Scp-001-2b 4.2 Scp-001-3 5 Photos: SCP 001-1 or “X!Gaster” is to be contained within a purple vial supplied to the Thaumiel: An scp that has properties useful to the foundation. Apollyon: An scp that is impossible to contain, it's properties pose a serious and immediate threat to all humanity. Neutralised: An scp that has been successfully neutralised. List of scp's contained: scp-500,scp-420-j,scp-038,scp-073,scp-1048

Share SCP-682, also known as the Hard-to-Destroy Reptile, is an extremely dangerous Keter-class creature from The SCP Foundation. This creature is one of the few that the Foundation actually wants dead, simply because it wants to kill all life and is incredibly dangerous. Khahrakh, later known more famously as theScarlet King, is the main antagonist of the SCP Mythos. He is an ancient and demonic god who is untold eons old and is the son of the Third Brood. He appears in countless articles and tales across the SCP site, often tied to the end of the existence itself. 1 Biography 1.1 Origin 1.2 SCP-231 1.3 SCP-2317 2 Appearance 3 Powers and Abilities 4 Brides Read The SCP Classes: from the story Some SCP Facts by Deltarune_Player_1 (Delta_1) with 2 reads. Scpcontainmentbreach. Class Safe : Safe-class SCPs are anoma... SCP-001 is the designation given to the Sun, after an event resulting in ~6.8 billion casualties within the first twenty-four hours. The SCP-001 effect does not seem to result from exposure to ultraviolet rays, but rather light in the visual spectrum (~390 to 700 nm). The effect is similarly present in moonlight. Upon contact with visible light produced by the sun, living organisms liquefy at OBJECT CLASS: Safe/Euclid/Keter, Apollyon/Thermial (Choose an object class. Remember, and object class is NOT how dangerous an SCP is. The object class is how easy it is to contain an SCP. Specimens are Apollyon class in Zone 4 and They are The Minor Antagonists in SCP Foundation. They are created by Yanaxulap and were sent by the Scarlet King and they have the power to destroy the world if they are released. The 6 Specimens are

Item #: SCP-4547 Object Class: Apollyon Special Containment Procedures: Interstellar exploration is to avoid SCP-4547. La hijo se viste con un sombrero de copa con un letrero que dice “Agente de Talentos”. We'll be in here for a while it seems, but it's non-aggressive at the moment. The rest of the corpse pile begins to move and animate. SCP-3057-2 is an arthropod resembling predatory shrimp that is a meter long. SCP-3057-3 is a species of prehistoric dragonfly with a wingspan of 0.65 meters. However, these die soon after manifesting from crude oil, due to having evolved in a more oxygen-rich environment than the Earth's current atmosphere. Description: SCP-8521 is the collective designation of SCP-8521-A, SCP-8521-B, SCP-8251-C. NOTE: AS OF EVENT 8521-XK, SCP-8521 ALSO INCLUDES SCP-8521-K and SCP-8521-Θ. SCP-8251-A is was the collective designation of 31 different entities, most of which are seemingly sentient inanimate objects, with apparent human characteristics, most Item Number: SCP-001 . Object Class: Apollyon Keter . Name: Vesijohtaja . Special Containment Procedures: SCP-001 is to be contained in a Standardized K10 Holding Cell, lined with gold.At least 4 objects made of gold which weigh at least 5 kilograms must be introduced to SCP …

The Apollyon class means that an SCP with this class can simply break out so its REALLY hard to contain it. The first time I read SCP-2317, I was blown away, I really loved the levels of clearance style of writing, and finding out that there was something higher than Keter was really neat. SCP-2317-K, or simply SCP-2317 to members of the O5 Council, is a primeval Devourer entity known historically as the , Devourer of Worlds or the Dread Devourer.According to the Erikesh Codex, the entity was imprisoned in the dimension designated SCP-2317-Prime in around 1894 BCE by the an army of ten thousand led by Keshpeth who bound the Dread Devourer within the pearl of the Father of

SCP-9341. Item #: SCP-9341. Object Class: Euclid. Object Class: Apollyon/Thaumiel (See Addendum 9341-01) Special Containment Procedures:SCP-9341 Is currently held in a Chamber of 10x10x10 Meters with Plain, White Walls and Grey Carpeting. Item #: SCP-2317. OBJECT CLASS:APOLLYON. Special Access Designation: CODE NIGHTMARE REGENT RED. Special Containment Procedures: Irrelevant. Description: SCP-2317 is a primeval entity known as "The , Devourer of Worlds" (name redacted intentionally). The Erikesh Codex indicates that it was captured and imprisoned by Erikeshan mystics circa 1894 BCE. SCP Level 5 ID Card Secure Contain Protect Cosplay Badge. Not that you need an introduction, but if you did, these badges are it. Perfect for special events, meetings, and presentations. Dimensions: 2.13" x 3.38 Made of PVC Plastic Durable, won't fade or tear. Saved by Zazzle . 106.

SCP-076 is a large, black stone with a humanoid inside, nicknamed "Able", belonging to The SCP Foundation. Technically, SCP-076 is both the containment cube (SCP-076-1), made of engraved black stone, and the humanoid creature resting inside (SCP-076-2). Atop the cube rests a coffin, held up by chains made of an unknown metal, which in turn holds Able himself. The actual creature is a Semitic SCP-2317 is an Apollyon-class object, and is known to be an unavoidable cause of one if not many XK-Class Scenarios (world-ending events). It is, in short, an enormous entity of another universe bound to ours via a dimensional portal opened in the 19th century. APOLLYON is an object class Essential T-Shirt... Scp phone cases. Scp posters. Scp sweatshirts & hoodies. Worldwide Shipping Available as Standard or Express delivery Learn more. Secure Payments 100% Secure payment with 256-bit SSL Encryption Learn more.