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2-1/2" Round. Low-profile LED trailer light serves as either a side marker or clearance light. Built-in reflex reflector. Snap-on polycarbonate lens. Surface mount with included gasket - hardware not included. 2-Wire design. P2 rated. ILUMINACI N LED. STOCK BODEGAS . HELIOSTRATEGIA ECUADOR Quito-Guayaquil-Cuenca-Lago Agrio. Contacto : +593 9 83 57 01 50 – [email protected] Contacto : +593 9 88 19 06 24 – [email protected] … REFLECTORES FLM-REFLECTOR LED SMD 400W FLAT AC85-265V KARLUZ UE:1 $ 239,000. Add to Wishlist. Vista R pida. REFLECTORES

Reflectores LED para uso interior y exterior. Alta potencia lum nica, desde 10W a 250W. Disponibles en luz blanca, Calida y RGB.Los reflectores LED no requieren periodo de calentamiento para encender al 100% aun en las series de alta potencia.

Reflectores. Mostrando todos los resultados 2. Filters. Reflectores Reflector Recargable Potente 20 Led 30w. Reflectores Reflector Recargable Potente 20 Led 30w. 0 out of 5 (0) SKU: n/a. S/ 50.00. A adir al carrito. Reflectores Reflector Recargable Potente Cafini Cn-l855a-6 . Reflectores Reflector Recargable Potente Cafini Cn-l855a-6. 0 out of ARTLITE, CAMPANAS LED, REFLECTORES. ARE-012 - ARE-012 - CAMPANA INDUSTRIAL SLIM LED 240W BLANCO FR cleo de aluminio para lograr una mejor temperatura. Designers Fountain 10W BR30 Wi-Fi Connected Smart LED Bulb, E26 Base, 2700K $20.00 Designers Fountain 13.8W BR30 Wi-Fi Connected Smart LED Bulb, E26 Base, 6500K Tipos de reflectores con luz led Como has podido notar, contamos con un amplio stock de productos ideales para cada tipo de espacio. Nunca m n de nuestros reflectores de luz LED esa imagen quedara en … LED reflectors sit over the LED to alter the beam of light. They are an affordable and easy-to-use solution for your lighting fitment. However, they do not offer as much control as LED lenses. Reflectors are made using plastic and can be metal coated.LED reflectors are smooth or multifaceted inside and come in various different shapes. This *REFLECTOR LED ENERMOTECH VERACRUZ Rendimiento Luminoso de 240W: 130 lm/W Flujo Luminoso por reflector: 240*130= 31,200 l N A 12 *ENTRE AMBOS REFLECTORES EXISTE UNA DIFERENCIA DEL 43% EN NIVEL DE BRILLO Encuentra Reflector Led - Reflectores en Mercado Libre Venezuela. Descubre la mejor forma de comprar online. Similar to a domestic lampshade, these reflectors are fixed to an artificial light source (for example, a filament bulb or flash tube) to direct and shape the otherwise scattered light, reflecting it off their concave inner surfaces and directing it towards the scene to be photographed. Although there are a large number of variants, the most common types are Encontrar s exactamente los reflectores solares led que necesitas a precios espectaculares.Puedes compeer una gran selecci n de reflectores solares led, desde vestidos a tejanos a reflectores solares led, de oferta en DHgate.Com. S lo tienes que seguir las instrucciones para conseguir descuentos de led floodlight, reflectores solares led. Iluminacion led, focos led, lamparas led, productos led, reflectores led, gabinetes led, tubos led,reflectores de led, panel de iluminacion, tubos de luz, tubos de led luz, tubos intragrados de cristal,tubos de cristal, focos de led, focos de luz, focos toledo, empotrados slim, empotrados bote cristal, empotrados bote biselado,empotrados bote satinado,empotrados bote difigible,high bay,high Nuestros reflectores de iluminaci ados para ser utilizados en una vasta variedad de entornos industriales y comerciales, como [...] FL2A REFLECTORES Reflectores LED. L Reflector LED para Exterior. VL-P0230 CW/WW 6000K / 3000K 30W VL-P0270 CW/WW 6000K / 3000K 70W VL-P02100 CW/WW 6000K / 3000K 100W IP65 Voltaje: 100-240V ... Para Cotizar Buy Reflectores led in lamps design and lighting. Offers and budgets for Reflectores led, buy with best prices lighting design.