Butterfly Sushi Bar & Thai

1156 W Grand Ave (312) 563-5555
Butterfly chefs have created a menu that will satisfy sushi connoisseurs and novices alike. Through years of experience they have mastered the pairing of simple but complex flavors to create some of the most tasteful and innovative New-Japanese and Thai cuisine. Using only the freshest ingredients and top quality meats and fish from around the world. Butterfly Sushi bar offers something for everyone. The unique experience of dining at Butterfly Sushi Bar is enhanced by the modern furniture and tableware. With minimal decor and a dimly lit dining room, Butterfly Sushi bar presents the guest with an atmosphere for romance, or just dining out with friends.

Concierge Recommendation

Black Dragon Maki—Shrimp tempura, cucumber and mayo wrapped with unagi, avocado topped eel sauce & black tobiko.